What We Buy, Sell, and Pawn

Whether you want to sell, trade, of consign, come on down to the shop and let’s get started.


Gold, Silver, Precious Metals

Do you need extra cash? We buy, sell, and loan on gold and silver. Based on the current market value, Lincoln Pawn will work with you to get you the most for your precious metals. Our team of experts will appraise the value of your items and make you a cash offer. We buy, sell, and trade on:



Estate Jewelry

Scrap Jewelry




We will pay between 70-97% on the value of your precious metal.


Coins and Collectibles

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt. At Lincoln Pawn, you're never quite sure what you'll find when you walk in. We're a collector's dream: we have a variety of vintage items. You can spice up your home decor with a quirky neon beer sign, or treat a loved one with a beautiful and rare jewelry piece. With a constantly changing stock, it's different every day, and you're guaranteed to find something unique


Luxury Watches

Need a little extra cash. Lincoln Pawn pays top dollar for luxury watches in good working order. We buy, sell and pawn Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Hublot, Richard Mille, Vacheron-Constantin, and IWC.

Our knowledgeable pawn brokers will work with you to get you an appraisal and a cash offer so you can leave with cash in hand.

If you are looking to purchase a watch, we can help with this also. We have an ever-changing collection of quality luxury watches. Come by and see what we have.

Sometimes life gets in the way and you find yourself needing a little extra cash. Maybe you experienced a sudden crisis in your family, need some money to invest quickly before you lose the opportunity, or just need cash to get ahead, Lincoln Pawn can help. Look though that drawer or jewelry box and bring us your antique watches and collectibles. We will work with you in a quick and easy process and get you the cash you need.



Needing a power tool, wrenches, hammers, or other construction type tool? Lincoln Pawn will have just what you are looking for. We buy, sell, and pawn all name-brand tools. We have an ever-changing and large selection to choose from. Why pay retail prices, when you can find what you need in our shop?

Needing a little extra cash to offset start-up expenses? Come by today. We will help you with a loan using your tools as collateral. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will work with you to get you the cash you need.


Electronics and Instruments

Just looking into playing an instrument? We have a huge selection of guitars and musical instruments at a fraction of the cost of retail stores. We buy, sell and trade musical instruments.

With the ever-changing technology market, you may have a computer, laptop, or phone laying around. Bring it by Lincoln Pawn and get some quick cash.


We buy, sell, and pawn on all name brand watches, offering the best offer.


We buy, sell, and pawn on all name brand tools. Come in and see what we have or bring what you have to sell.


A customer exchanges an item as collateral for a short-term cash loan. The item is returned to the customer after the loan amount and interest fees are paid.


We always buy coins and collectibles. Come stop in and bring what you have for a quick and easy cash in hand.



2673 W. Lincoln Ave




10am - 6pm

10am - 5pm



Online Advertising Disclosure

All collateral loans at Lincoln Pawn are 4 months in length. Interest on loans $25,000 or more are capped at 35.9% APR. Total interest on a loan of $25,000 for 4 months would be $2991.72, with a total payback of $27,991.72. Loans may include a one-time writing fee of up to 3.5% the loan amount, not to exceed $90 per loan. Minimum $1 storage per loan. Other restrictions may apply. See store for details.

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